Creeper in Costa Rica

Creepers in Costa Rica…..A 35 year old man who was convicted of sexually abusing a child was released from jail last week because the courts lost the digital record of his original trial.

The man became a fugitive in 2008 going on the lamb after escaping from authorities but was captured late last year in San Carlos.

The Creeps Attorney appealed the case by challenging the child’s earlier courtroom testimony.  When it was determined that the records were lost, the appeals court ordered the accused to be released.

This is bad in so many ways I cannot list them all here.  He was convicted and sentenced and because some Cretan Attorney decided to appeal the case and some bad filing was done, this pedophile is left to wander the streets of Costa Rica.

There is not a sex offenders registry in Costa Rica so we have no way of knowing who this man is or where he lives.  No telling how many others there are in this beautiful country we live in.

This type of law makes me mad beyond words!!

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