Costa Rican Telephone Numbers Will Have 1 More Digit in March

According to the ICE (Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad) one more digit will be added on March 20 to all phone numbers (both commercial, residential plus mobile phones) to leave space for future expansion.

The new numbers will look like this:

  • Residential and Commercial: add numnber 2 at the beginning
    • Now: xxx-xxxx
    • After March 20: 2xxx-xxxx
  • Mobile Phones
    • Now: 3xx-xxxx or 8xx-xxxx
    • After March 20: 83xx-xxxx or 88xx-xxxx

The change will be done at 00 hours and there will be no disruption of services. However keep in mind:

  • To update all marketing, paper, signs, contact cards.
  • To update your contact information on the Internet / web sites
  • To update the phone numbers in you cellphone / palm, etc

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