Costa Rica Drivers License

I went to get my driver’s license renewed this week.  Here is some info for you:

When you get off the pista at the La Uruca exit, turn right & then turn right again at the third stop light. Go to the end of the street & the Cosevi (Drivers License office) is at the end on your left.

You now have to pay 10.000 CRC (colones) for a physical exam–I asked at each place & all are 10.000 now.  They actually took my blood pressure, even after I told him it has always been perfect…he still checked it anyway with his automatic BP machine.
Then you will need a copy of the Dr.’s report which is 100 colones.

If you are applying for a new driver’s lic, you need copies of both sides of your previous license,  copies of your passport (upper part with signature & lower part with photo), & the page with the last entry stamp also.

All licenses must now list your blood type.  If you know your blood type, they will believe you & write it down (they’d NEVER would do that in the States because of possible error) but if you do not know your blood type, you must to go to the lab next door & have the test done.  It does only take a few minutes & costs 5.000 CRC.

The cost for new driver’s license is still 4000 CRC, but the cost for your second driver’s license is 10.000CRC because the second one is good for 5 years.

Much thanks to Jennifer Goehegan for this information!!

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