Cost of our service

On our website we do not list any prices for Guardian Angels CR assistance.  The reason for this is because we cater our services to fit the needs of each individual client.  Some will need help with schools and housing and some will not.  Some will need assistance with immigration and some will not and so on.  So we don’t feel that it is fair to charge everyone the same amount regardless of their needs.

We have 2 different ways to assess the needs of your family…

The first is by email correspondence.  We have a family profile that you can complete which gives us an idea of the services that you need and we follow up with several emails to pinpoint the exact help that you will need.

The second is with a phone consultation.  We prefer this method as it gives us more detail in a shorter period of time than we can get by email and helps us better understand where you are coming from and what you expect.  There is a cost involved with the phone consultation.  At present the fee is $65.00/hour but this covers the cost of the call as well so you don’t have to worry about any international phone bills.  As you may know it can be quite expensive to call Costa Rica from the U.S.

Either way that you choose to make us aware of the needs of your family is acceptable.  But without this information, we can not determine the cost of our services.

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