I’ve said it before but it is worth repeating. You MUST have a corporation in Costa Rica to help you in the everyday needs that you cannot get if you are not a resident.

With a corporation, you are not only protected when buying a car or home, you also have the ability to get a cell phone, firearms, electricity for your home etc. These are all things that a person cannot get under a tourist visa.

Costa Rica REALLY encourages one getting themselves legally into the country. They make it difficult for a tourist to get the necessary things to live in the country.

With a corporation and a personaria (sp?) you can get a cell phone, a gun if you so desire or utilities set up in your new home. Without these things, you must rely on a Costa Rican to get these things for you and not many are willing to stick their neck out for any of the above.

If you use our law firm, a corporation costs around $600.00 and you can buy a shelf corporation that is ready to go free and clear of any debt. It is very important if you buy a shelf corporation know where it is coming from or you can have a world of hurt. The corps that you buy from our law firm have never been used and are free and clear.

This is by far the best way to go if you plan to live on a tourist visa for awhile. Also, if you are filing for residency, you must wait until the residency goes through to do any of the above so again, a corp is the way to go to circumvent the system.

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