Cons in Costa Rica

Unfortunately Costa Rica is not without con men even in the face of tragedy.  The national emergency commission is warning unsuspecting people that con men are soliciting donations in the name of the earthquake victims.

The commission urges that all donations be sent to the bank accounts listed below as receiving funds for quake victims.

There is one organization that we believe is legitimate and that is Juntos por Ninos.  Some animal lovers are making donations to those kinds of organizations for the care of the abandoned animals in the quake zone.

in the midst of a national tradegy the Fuerza Publica officers detained two men on Saturday who were looting vacant homes in Chinchona.  They carried jewelry and other valuables from the homes of their occupants had left in haste when the quake hit.

The emergency commission has accounts at Banco de Costa Rica #118281-1 for contributions in dollars and #91100-3 for contributions in colones.

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