Confiscated Drugs

Wow!  This is the only word to describe what just happened in Golfito.

Over the weekend there was an Equadorian boat stopped  in the Parque National Corcovado near Golfito by the  Servicio National de Guardacostas (Costa Rica coast guards).  They confiscated 320 kilos of cocaine.  The drugs were taken to the Judicial building in Golfito.

Yesterday (Thursday) 5 men came into the Judicial building carrying sub-machine guns and stole the cocaine.  They tied up the 2 police officers in the building and took off with the loot valued at 1.6million in Costa Rica.  This will be worth much more if they get it to the United States.

The government feels strongly that this was an inside job since it went off the way that it did.

Who knew that there would only be 2 police officers guarding the Equadorian find and who knew that it had not yet been transported to San Jose where it was to be destroyed?

Although road blocks were set up all around Golfito, the culprits were not found.  The officials commented that they think that the men took off into the Parque until the heat is off.

What do you think?  Inside job?

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