Christmas in Costa Rica

This title may be a little misleading because this post is not about the beauty of Christmas in Costa Rica or the fact that you can hang out at the pool and work up a sweat on Christmas Day without guilt.  What this post is about is everyone taking off work for 16 days.  From Customs at the airport to all federal offices, they are all closed.  Most are taking off for the beach on December 19th and won’t return to work until January 5th.

Part of this is because both holidays are on Thursday and that in itself is a problem when it comes to work holidays.

If you have been reading this blog for long, you will know that my heart is with the animals and they always come first when I am looking out for someone’s best interest.  This is because they can’t look out for themselves and rely on us for their well-being.  With that in mind….DO NOT, DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!! What am I talking about?  Do not send or bring any pets into Costa Rica for this 16 days.  Unless they are traveling in cabin with you or as checked baggage, they will be locked away in the customs warehouse until January 5th without exception.

I got notice of this from our customs broker yesterday and he reminded me that this is in no way a joke.  Customs is CLOSED and what that means is the doors are locked and NO ONE will be there to take care of any poor pets that happen to slip in by accident.

If we get wind of any pet arriving as manifest cargo (not as checked baggage but traveling alone) we are able to get into the warehouse and let the pets out twice daily to relieve themselves.  If it is a cat, they don’t get out at all.  All we can do is feed them.

This may seem barbaric and cruel but to remind you Costa Rican’s don’t view pets as North Americans and other nationalities do.  The fact that they are giving them shelter from the heat satisfies most in the Customs capacity in Costa Rica.

Bottom line if you haven’t already gotten it….DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT SENDING A PET ALONE TO COSTA RICA DECEMBER 19-JANUARY 5TH!!!!

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