Check out Costa Rica

Try it out for awhile before moving to Costa Rica.  So many people contact me ready to move the house the kids and the dogs/cats to Costa Rica without ever visiting the country.  I believe that this is not a good idea for anyone and strongly discourage this as does anyone that has lived here for awhile.

It costs a lot of money to move to Costa Rica, even if you are planning just to come with a suitcase and leave everything else behind for now.  It is far less expensive to come on an extended vacation leaving all of your personal belongings behind until you have had an opportunity to see the country and what it has to offer.

Costa Rica is not for everyone and the majority of people that move down end up moving back to their home country within 2 years or less.  Many don’t make it 6 months before running back home because they can’t deal with the culture, the way of life or the expense of living in what they thought was a cheap place to live.

It is NOT cheap to live in Costa Rica!!!  It costs as much or more to live in Costa Rica than it does to live in the states if you want to maintain the manner in which you were living in the states or your home country.  Housing is expensive, groceries are expensive and if you have children in school, school is beyond expensive in most cases.

Don’t believe everything that you read, this blog included.  Check out Costa Rica for yourself before making the big jump.  You won’t be sorry for taking the time to get to know your way around before moving the kids and Spot.

It can be just as daunting coming alone.  If you think, “it’s just me, what have I got to lose?” The answer to that question is a lot.  You have a lot to lose.  The money that you put into a car, house, residency expenses, deposits etc.  All of this for a place you may decide you can’t live in after 2 months.

Please don’t get me wrong…Costa Rica is a wonderful place to live for SOME PEOPLE.  It is not for everyone.  While my children and I love it like home, my husband has never quite adjusted and prefers the states to the third world ways.  It is not for everyone.  Take your time and CHECK OUT COSTA RICA before making the jump.

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