Bringing in a car

On one of my articles the tax on cars being imported has changed for the better. If you are looking to import a car the “domestic tax” for vehicles coming into Costa Rica is based on “Customs” value – that is WHATEVER Customs think your car is worth. This is not based on the black book like some people claim.
52.29% x importation valor for model years 2004 through 2006
63.91% x importation valor for model years 2002 and 2003
79.03% x importation valor for model years and older than 2002
The older the car, the higher the tax rate. These percentages are based on the value of the car, the amount it cost to import it and any insurance that you placed on the car for shipment.

On December 31, 2006 they will push the bracket up one year.
If you have any questions regarding shipping a vehicle to Costa Rica you should contact Charles Zeller at Be sure to tell him Angela sent you.

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