Black outs

We have just had 3 days of what they are calling rolling black outs.  I’m not sure if it is over yet as they have said it could go on for 3-4 days and in Costa Rica, that could mean a week.

Thursday the entire country was blacked out, that is all of Costa Rica was in the dark for several hours.  From where we live you can see 3 of the provinces, San Jose, Heredia and Alajuela and all 3 were pitch black with the exception of a couple of places like the airport that had back up generators.  It was kinda creepy to look out onto the valley that was covered in darkness.

It’s amazing how early you will go to bed when you have nothing to do, nothing to keep you entertained. We tried a couple of times playing cards in the dark by candle light and that didn’t work real well so we gave it up for making paper fans.  That and making hand shadows by candle light was enough to keep the boys going last night until the lights came back on an hour or so later.  We were just getting to the story telling section of our night when the lights came back on.  Ronan, my youngest actually wanted to turn the lights back off and continue the story telling as it was his turn and he had a big adventure he wanted to share with the rest of us.

ICE (eee-say) really hasn’t offered up a good explanation for why all of the black outs.  I’m waiting on the paper tomorrow to see if they have come up with a reason for all the outages.  We thought on Thursday night it was some kind of stike against Cafta but I think it is far more complicated than that.  For something to bring down the whole country (the size of Vermont) it had to be something very serious.  Now they are shutting down sections at a time trying to repair whatever problem we have.

So we keep the candles and flashlights close by for the night, and during the day spend the time in the pool and find other ways to keep ourselves occupied until this passes.  Life could be so much worse.  Even without power, this is a picnic compared to the problems that some have.  We have candles and we have flashlights and we have our health and we are living in a beautiful country.  How much better can life get?  I mean really, is it so bad that we have to go without power for a few hours?

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