When buying or selling a house here you need to be aware of the norm where appliances are concerned.  As far as that goes, when you are renting rules are pretty much the same thing.  Appliances do not come with the house.  Where in the states you rent a place or buy a place and have appliances as part of the package, that is not the case here.

You will need to bring or buy your own appliances if you are moving into a home here in Costa Rica.  I have shown homes to rent and buy and NEVER are appliances included in the package.

Curtains, light fixtures and appliances are all negotiable when buying a home.  Non are to be considered part of the deal unless outlined in the offer and accepted by the seller.

I have seen people take with them light fixtures from the bedroom and kitchen leaving nothing behind but bare wires for you to purchase and put in your own fixtures.

Don’t ASSUME anything comes with the house when negotiating your deal whether it be for rent or purchase.  Make sure whatever it is that you want is outlined in the lease/purchase contract.

Side note….make sure you have a 220 outlet for the stove in place as well as one for the dryer.  A lot of people here don’t use dryers so often times you get into a house that has hook ups for the washer but no vent and no outlet for the dryer.

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