Another way to obtain residency

Since rentista financial requirements have risen so much since the last law change in August it has made it impossible for many families to make this large of a deposit to obtain residency. At present for a family of 4 to become legal residents of Costa Rica under Rentista status they would have to put $180,000 into a bank account proving their financial stability and that they have an income of $3,000 per month coming in each month. Before August 2006, the required deposit was only $60,000 for the entire family.

We work with many families and see that this is a problem for many so we have searched for an alternative and found one. You can apply for resident investor status for much less than is required to file for rentista. There is a lot to know about this before deciding it is for you so email us for details on how it works. This is not for everyone but definately a viable option for a family applying for residency.

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