Animals, animals and more animals

We have 7 pets which would make us what you call animal lovers. Two Akita’s, Ti and Taubi. Taubi weighs right at 150 lbs and looks more like a big bear than a dog but he is also sick. He has what our vet calls Michael Jackson skin disease where he is turning white from brown, he also has thyroid problems so is on daily medication. He is truly a big teddy bear is as gentle and sweet as they come, you wouldn’t know it from his size. He can be quite intimidating.
Ti (Taubi’s mother) is considerably smaller than Taubi at only 90 lbs and agile like a fox. She leaps over fences and anything trying to hold her in looking more like a horse on an agility course than a dog. We recently put up a 2 meter fence around our back yard only to find her trying to climb over it. Fortunately she fell (didn’t get hurt) and hasn’t tried again YET.

We also have 2 small dogs, Julie and Louie Vuitton. Louie’s name is bigger than he is as he is only a 4 lb chihuahua but runs around and over Taubi like he truly is the biggest dog in the house. He rules the house with his little size and BIG personality.

Julie has several problems, mainly with what we call the boombas. During certain times of the year, fireworks is an everyday thing and she goes balistic and has to be medicated. Once we get past the boomba season, we get into the rainy season and she has the same neurosis for thunder and actually starts going nuts before we even know the rain is coming. It’s very sad that some dogs have this problem here, we suppose it is because of their acute hearing and it hurts their ears and simply scares them to death.

Next we have Estrella (star in Spanish) who is a himilayan/persian a truly big beautiful cat. Estrella can’t drink water out of a water dish but waits for me to hold her glass at a certain angle so that she can drink out of my water glass. Sometimes she settles for water out of the tap but still prefers the water out of my glass to anything else.

Chelsea is just a big kitten. She is part maine coon and completely mad. She attacks you in your sleep and Lord help you if you move your feet in the night and she’s around because she will attack. We have seen her carrying off clothes, shoes, toys and other things to nowhere in particular, she just likes to drag things around but it’s a riot to watch because most things that she drags are bigger than she is.

Lastly we have Maxine. Maxine is a Senegal Parrot and such a sweetheart. She (who we really think is a he) doesn’t talk but will whistle at you on occasion. She loves to sit on your shoulder and play with your hair. Since she doesn’t have a mate, she tries to mate with anyone that spends time with her. She’s a dirty little bird.

We have a houseful and they make us crazy at times but they also bring us a lot of joy. We recently had someone come to our house that doesn’t like animals….they didn’t stay very long. I can’t understand that…

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