Airlines and pets

Unfortunately the most airlines are not up to date on their information when transporting pets. Recently someone called from the ticket counter at American Airlines and said that the airlines would not let them board without permission from the Costa Rican Consulate. Today yet another call, this time from someone trying to board with their pet on Delta Airlines. It has not been the case for many years (over 6 years that I am aware of) that you need permission or anything from the Costa Rican Consulate.

I’ve mentioned this before in my blog and my best advice to you if you run into this with the airlines is to call us on our toll free line at 1-877-889-1131 and we can talk with the ticket agent. If you don’t have the phone number handy, ask to speak to a supervisor and tell them that there is nothing required by the Costa Rican Consulate and if they need proof call the Consulate themselves to see that this is not the case. They won’t call the Consulate but they will let you on the plane if you act sure in what you are saying.

Tell them that you have checked with the Consulate and there is nothing required by them for the dog/cat to board the plane but the International Health certificate which hopefully you have. Often times you need to go to the supervisor to make any headway because the ticket agents only know what is showing on their computer screen and as I said, this information is far outdated.

For all the pets that fly into Costa Rica on the same airlines on a daily basis, it still amazes me that only occasionally does this problem occur. Delta and American fly pets weekly into Costa Rica without any permit from the Consulate. It must be new agents that are causing the problem and the unnecessary stress to the traveler.

Bottom line….you don’t need permission from Costa Rica to enter the country at this time. If that law changes, which it is not likely to happen, we will post the new rules here. If you have any questions about bringing your pet to Costa Rica that is not covered here, email us or call and we would be happy to help you with your pet transportation needs.

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