Earthquake tremors

The aftermath of the record setting 6.2 earthquake has left as many as 225 homes unsafe to live in. Many of these homes were flattened and the ones that did not slide down the side of a mountain may before too long.  The current count of dead is 18 but there are as many as 60 still missing.

The people that were standed at the LaPaz waterfalls had to stay the night at LaPaz as there was no way to get those 300 people out.  It is my understanding that they used helicopters to get those that were stranded in and around Poaz.

There are only a handful of shelters for those that have lost their homes.  Several churches and expat groups around Costa Rica are offering help for the displaced families.  Since the area where most  expats live and work was not really touched by the tragedy they are offering what they can to those that have no place to live.  These expats are coming out to help like never before to give what they can to the victims.

Banco National has set up an account where you can make donations to help the victims. The account at Banco National is: 200-01-006-35153-8. The SWIFT Code is BNCRCRSJ. The account is in the name of one of the charity directors, Adelaida Bogantes Rojas, said Wells.

International Baptist Church (with a huge expat community), has many locations that are receiving money or food donations. Among these are believed to be Unity Costa Rica and the Escazú Christian Fellowship. So is Casa Presidencial, most Cruz Roja locations and even some fire stations.

If you find it in your heart to help these poor people, you can let us know as well and we will help get your donation to the right group where it will do the most good.  Email us at or call us at 1-877-889-1131.  You may not know but $20.00 will go a long way to help these folks.

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